Theta Sound Studio

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Theta Music (have a listen...)

  • Every Day with You (Is Christmas for Me)

    Every Day with You (Is Christmas for Me)

    A Gift from Randall Michael Tobin and Amy...
  • Kinda Cool

    Kinda Cool

    Vocalessence by Amy
  • Cry Me a River

    Cry Me a River

    Mel Carter - The Other Standards
  • That’s Amore

    That’s Amore

    Vocalessence by Amy
  • Toni’s Poem (Laurel Canyon)

    Toni’s Poem (Laurel Canyon)

    From the Village to the Canyon
  • Floating


    Vocalessence by Amy
  • A Song for Peace

    A Song for Peace

    Joyful Noise BPC Kidz
  • Aria from “Madame Butterfly”

    Aria from “Madame Butterfly”

    Presenting Sisu Raiken

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