Theta Sound Studio

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It was an event to remember! Our 36th Anniversary BBQ and Musical Feast held September 28, 2013, certainly ranks as one of the best of all time with over 90 people showing up for the occasion, lots of great food, and plenty of music to satisfy the soul. A big shout out to the members of our creative team who worked their tails off making it all happen: Cyndie Tobin, Hillah Cohen, Jonce Orell, Ed Brauninger, Lauren Schad, Mary Benefield and Peggy Foltz. And thanks to the Grillmasters who stepped in after Randy abdicated the “throne of heat”: Cyndie Tobin, Gary Jesch and Eric Zimmermann.

Here are three songs by Andrea Ross Greene, Marty Axelrod and Harriet Schock, recorded during the special Live Recording Session that night, and a fistful of photos (thanks to John Kaye for the great shots) to help you relive the moments. Enjoy…

36th Anniversary BBQ!