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Theta Sound is a recording studio, sure, but we’ve been producing broadcast-quality video since 1987. And because we are strong on audio, the resulting videos look better. Below are some examples of our work, covering different types and styles of video production.


Amy – “Vocalessence”

This catchy video starts with a song written and produced by Randall Michael Tobin expressly for the artist, Amy. Easily our most challenging music video to date, a new editing system was built just to handle the number of video tracks and clip processes used to make “Vocalessence.” Was it worth 150+ hours of intensely creative work? You be the judge…

Mel Carter – “Crying in the Chapel”

Legendary singer Mel Carter recorded “Crying in the Chapel” at Theta Sound Studio for his latest album, “Mel Carter – The Other Standards.” For the music video, Mel had the idea of presenting himself as two persona in a chapel. Randy Tobin directed and conjured up a way to have both Mels on the screen at the same time. Mel was thrilled with the result and the video has received a solid viewership.

Carol Worthey – “Angel of Music”

Of all the “Angels” created for the Los Angeles “Community of Angels” project, only one featured its own soundtrack which played at the touch of a button on its base. The song, “Angel of Music,” was written and arranged by the Angel’s visual artist, Carol Worthey and recorded at Theta Sound Studio. Prominently displayed in the courtyard at the Los Angeles Music Center, “Angel of Music” was enjoyed by thousands of visitors. This video by Randall Michael Tobin captures the heart and soul of the artist, composer and writer as embodied in the “Angel of Music.”


Mel Carter – “Taps”

Mel Carter sang this powerful rendition of a song most people do not realize actually has words. Randy Tobin chose to shoot the video with only the light of a music stand. The audio was recorded from the microphone onto our studio system and married up to the video footage. As of this writing, the video has receive over 10,750 views.

Joanna Pitt – “Remembering the Carpenters” (teaser)

“Remembering the Carpenters” is a tribute show about the lives and music of Karen & Richard Carpenter. Joanna Pitt was referred to Theta Sound by her producer, Kirsten Sanderson, to create a teaser video to promote the show to theaters and cruise lines. The video was shot to sync over a soundtrack produced by Joanna’s musical director, Todd Schroeder. Joanna and Todd came to Theta Sound to perform in the video, and Randy Tobin edited the footage and integrated the stills and titles. The old-style TV overlay puts the viewer back in the 70s. Shortly after the video shoot, Randy was called on to record the audio on location at the Gardenia Club in Hollywood, resulting in a full-length CD for sale at her shows.


Just 4 Kicks – Concert DVD Teaser

Directed by Randy Tobin and recorded live at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, California, this entire concert was turned into a full-length DVD. This teaser video was created to give people a taste of what world-class a cappella (complete with humor and spontaneity) is all about. Three cameras and 16 tracks of digital audio were used (an encore with Sixth Wave brought the track count up). See if you can hear the difference great audio makes in a finished video…

Tracy Newman – Live Song Video

“It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” is a song about a mother, her daughter, the carpool and karma… Tracy Newman is one of the top singer/songwriters on the scene. Her songs tell stories that capture your heart and make you laugh, cry and /or love (sometimes all at the same time!). Recorded live to 12 channels of digital audio multitrack and shot with two video cameras at Club Fancifull on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, you may never think of carpooling in quite the same way, again!

City Beat – Band Promo Video

Theta Sound captured City Beat in concert at the Glendale Civic Auditorium (Glendale, California) utilizing three DV cameras and a 16 channel digital multitrack recorder. From that recording, the audio was mixed first to determine which songs would be featured in the promo video. The video was cut to that soundtrack adding titles and segues as needed. City Beat is a great show band and they’ve played all sorts of public events and private functions in and around Los Angeles. What makes them even more special is the band was originally formed with all members working for various law enforcement agencies. Their original name was Cops that Rock and they recorded their first album at Theta Sound Studio. (the Burbank Chief of Police was the band’s keyboard player at the time!)

Tom Culver – Cabaret Show Promo

Recorded live at the world-famous Gardenia Club in Hollywood, California, Tom Culver’s show, “Thanks for the Memory,” features a classic collection of timeless music, performed in this intimate cabaret room. Recorded to 16 tracks and videotaped on two cameras by Randy Tobin, the audio was mixed and the video edited at Theta Sound Studio.


The Jubilee Project: The Story of the Black American Spiritual (Teaser)

Although writer/soprano Hallie Neil and baritone Theodore Lambrinos live in New York City, they’ve been working with Theta Sound Studio for many years. This video started with Hallie’s script; followed by a recording session in New York for the songs and dialogue from which the audio files were sent to Randy Tobin to mix and prepare for the video. Hallie provided the various still photographs and text for the titles. Randy directed and edited the video which was well received, generating interest from industry executives to stage the show.

A Giving Heart – Susan Patzakis – Mother’s Day Tribute 2013

Longtime client, lyric soprano Michele Patzakis, brought this project to us. As part of a special Mother’s Day luncheon held by St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church of Los Angeles, Michele’s mother, Susan, was being honored. Michele wrote a script and along with her sister and two brothers, recorded the narration at Theta Sound Studio. The photos were then assembled and edited with pan and scan effects applied to tell the story. The music was added as a final touch to tie it all together.


Equestrian Quadrille Music Video

Quadrille is a specialized form of dressage featuring four riders and their horses performing intricate routines. In the quadrille freestyle, this is done to music. “Caribbean Carniv├íl,” composed and produced by Randall Michael Tobin at Theta Sound Studio, helped “The Riding Company at Robele Farms” win the 2001 Quadrille National Championships in their class. Here is a video of the routine, shot at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and directed by Randall Michael Tobin.

Video Invitation

This innovative video invitation to a local church production of “Amahl and the Night Visitors” was created by Randy Tobin and posted on YouTube at an unlisted address. An invitation envelope graphic was designed and placed in the body of an e-mail and to this church’s membership. Members clicked on the envelope and it linked to the full-screen YouTube video if the invitation!

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