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(kudos: noun. Acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. [Greek, k dos, magical glory.])

We’ve gotten so many Success Stories from clients over the years that we’ve lost count. But here are a few of them to give you an idea as to what kind of results you can expect at Theta Sound Studio and our visual media division, Theta Data Type & Design…

Randy gets the best vocal sound in L.A.!”

Harriet Schock – gold and platinum songwriter and recording artist



Randy Tobin and Theta Sound took what I do naturally and best and recorded it efficiently and effectively. Sound simple? It’s not. So many producer-engineers impose their own ‘version’ of you and end up sinking you into a recorded personality that just isn’t you any more – or worse. They end up spending useless time (yours) and money (yours) finding it out.

Not with Randy Tobin and Theta Sound. First, Randy is a superb musician with an ear that’s as finely tuned as a Snark [brand of clip-on guitar tuner]… that’s for starters. Second – taste! Remember that? It can’t be described. Maybe it can. I’ll try. Forget it. If you can’t figure that one out, no one can explain it to you. Third, and probably the most important, Randy understood who I was and how I should be presented. The studio environment was perfect – an island of creative calm with no distractions (that’s right, no unexplained locked doors with muffled noises going on behind them). What emerged was so superior to what I had thought it might have been, must in part be attributed to a thorough, experienced, talented, expert engineer/co-producer/musician/studio combination. I’m so proud of what we did in so short a time, I could burst. It just makes me want to do it again.

You want something you can be proud of without wasting good money and time? Randy Tobin and Theta Sound. Thanks!”

Art Podell – singer, songwriter, guitar and banjo player

Art Podell - From the Village to the Canyon CD Cover

I’ve had the good fortune to use Theta Media Group (Theta Sound Studio / Theta Data Type & Design) on a number of projects: audio recordings, book publishing, video taping/editing, DVD authoring and packaging; all of which have been uniquely translated into a personal website that promotes and generates income from all my creative endeavors. If I have a vision, Randy can bring it to fruition! The sky’s the limit!”

Susan Kohler – actress, author, recording artist



I’ve been extremely pleased with the great work done by Randy Tobin to carefully hand-craft my new website. From the time the original simple little concept for the website morphed into a giant, potentially untamable monster, Randy calmly helped sort out and overcome all of the various technical and artistic hurdles, making something that was actually far better than what I had originally envisioned. He kept the website simple, streamlined and user-friendly, yet content-rich and versatile, and best of all, let it reflect my own personality. I couldn’t have asked for more in a web designer and audio engineer! Huzzah!”

Randy Crenshaw – session singer, arranger, vocalist, Just 4 Kicks a cappella group




After working with Randy & Cyndie Tobin and Theta Sound for over 30 years I’ve gotten to know them pretty well. I’ve learned that Randy is a “quality first” type of person with special attention to details. Because of that I decided on having Theta Media Group revamp our outdated website. We agreed on a price and I expected on getting a revamped website that was updated, modern, and functionally valuable. You never quite know if you will get your money’s worth in the beginning but you move forward anyway. With websites in particular you have to work as a team to gather ideas and strategies. I knew Randy was up for the task but was I up for the task? Now that the update is done and ready for prime time, I’m happy to say that I really feel like Randy was the perfect person to execute, direct, and graphically articulate our vision. Every discussion we had during the process was value added. I totally feel I got my money’s worth and I’m very excited to have our website help us get the positive results we are looking for.”

Stu Feldman – vice president, TSI Digital Media

TSIDM Web Site Screen 700

Theta Media Group overflows with creativity-driven competence resulting in aesthetic, powerful products. Randy typeset the biography I’d written; engineered and composed the music for the audio book I directed; helped me design the artwork for the book, CDs and DVDs; edited and wrote music for the DVD; and cleaned up my client’s audio source. Cyndie saved the day with her meticulous proofreading. Because TMG is totally trustworthy and goes the extra mile, they are now a permanent part of my Legacy Books and Films team!”

Susan B. Stroh – author, director

Working with Randy is like having two minds that reach an important creative decision at the same time… perfect!”

Mel Carter – platinum-selling recording artist, concert performer, songwriter

It was an amazing experience working with Theta Sound Studio. The project I was working on required ADR and our actress was currently in Los Angeles, while the main team was currently doing work in San Francisco. We quickly found TSS by searching them up on review sites, and they were highly rated. I gave a call to Randall to book a session, and from start to finish everything went smoothly. If anything, my side made things more complicated for Randall as we wanted to be able to remotely be part of the VO session, however Randall was able to completely take care of us. What impressed me most was the fact that during the session, Randall innately understood what I wanted to get from the actress, and he articulated in such an efficient manner that not only made us happy with the result, but overall enjoyed the experience. If any of my colleagues were to ask for a recommendation for a sound studio, Theta Sound Studio would be it.”

Benjamin Ho – Project Manager, The Marlowe-Pugnetti Company, Inc.


ASA CD Cover 700


We went to Randy Tobin and Theta Sound Studio to record the score of our musical, WR and DAISY. We were so pleased with the outcome, we asked Randy to design and execute a web site for us. The results at are just what we would have done ourselves, if we’d known how! Thanks, Randy.”

Glenn Paxton – composer | Robert White – book and lyrics

Passion, Life, Love, Flavor, Spirit, Spark and a delightfully favorable attitude doesn’t even begin to do justice in describing my experience with Randy at Theta Sound Studio. I came to him with a voice and a few lyrics. I left with a professional album full of complex, beautifully arranged music. The multi-talented Randy is a Jewel. I am blessed with a comfort and confidence in knowing I have made a new friend in whom I can trust. Not something you can say very often in this industry.”

Amy – recording artist, songwriter


If you’re looking to record live, or any other way, Theta Sound is the place and Randy Tobin is the man. I have a six-piece band and recently we did a five-hour session, live in the studio. He set it up to be videotaped and photographed as well, all at the same time. It’s big enough for that but small enough to still be intimate. The price is right, too!”

Tracy Newman
– award-winning singer/songwriter, writer/co-creator of ABC/TV’s According to Jim

I met Randy and Cyndie over a decade ago and have been fortunate to return to Theta Sound many times since, working on a variety of projects ranging from opera to Yiddish theater. I am always amazed at how effortlessly Randy picks up the musical style of a particular project (as obscure as that style may be) and helps it sound its authentic best. He intuitively adjusts to the artists’ own preferences, streamlining and simplifying what can otherwise be a near-endless process and produces music of superior quality that truly expresses each artist’s unique voice. Randy’s vast experience, consummate professionalism and meticulous attention to detail are partnered with a naturally relaxed attitude, a quiet confidence and a great sense of humor. Above all, it is the creative atmosphere at Theta Sound that inspires me to do to my best every single time. I regularly refer colleagues to Theta Sound and enjoy watching them discover what I have: a first-class studio with a big heart. Thank you Randy and Cyndie for creating what is to me a musical home!”

Tali Tadmor – pianist, accompanist, composer, arranger


After the last recording session, I was overwhelmed with joy on my ride home! Thanks so much for all your time and talents. My producer, Dean Fransen, and I are so happy with the album. It’s been such an honor to work with you and I hope to do more in the future!”

Deb Bowman – singer

From the moment you walk into Theta Sound Studio, you feel like you’re at home. From the warm cozy den-like environment, to the mugs on the shelves with all the names of those who have recorded there, the experience is that of being a part of the family. Randy and his lovely wife have taken care of everything… Then, relaxed and feeling good, you walk into the actual studio to record, with a gorgeous piano and superb technology, and a master at the sound board. Randy’s expertise, professionalism and positive nature speed the process of recording so there is no wasted time. I have complete confidence in his excellent work and am thrilled with the final mastered product.”

Alison Wissot – Rabbi/Cantor Temple Judea


I have known Randy Tobin and the magic of Theta Sound for about 13 years, starting with my first solo album, At The Corner of God & Broadway, and the rest, as they say, is glorious history! G&B is a spiritual-jazz-theatre CD and the process of recording it with Randy was a joyous time of creative collaboration. Later on, I brought my praise choir and band into the studio for our first CD entitled Voices of Praise. Randy was able to capture the magic of a 15-voice choir with soloists and musicians. And last year we recorded three different musical groups from Brentwood Presbyterian Church to celebrate its 75th anniversary: a 30-voice choir, a six-part unplugged ensemble and a full praise band. Randy managed to wrangle all of us ‘arteests’ and master some additional recordings of long ago into a brilliant 2-CD set! Theta Sound Studio has become an adjunct part of the church, with on-site video recordings/editing, photography, package design, etc. Thanks to Randy and Cyndie, we can tell the message of the gospel story through music and drama. Bravo, hallelujah!”

Katheryne Levin – recording artist, music director at Brentwood Presbyterian Church

Working with Randy Tobin at Theta Sound was a wonderful experience. For both the in-studio video shoot and the location live- performance recording of my Carpenters show, he easily understood the sound and look I wanted. With the technical details in Randy’s hands, I was able to focus 100% on my performance.”

Joanna Pitt – show producer and singer for Remembering the Carpenters


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