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Theta Sound Studio LIVE! #11
March 21, 2015

Amy Engelhardt – SANDWICH MAN – March 21, 2015

I loved everything about Saturday night’s concert at the Theta Sound Studio.

Randall and all those who produced and ran the show and the fun around the show were wonderful. The information about how to find your location was perfect, and parking nearby was easy. In fact I was a bit early due to that and the light traffic, and I was welcomed immediately.

I asked a LOT of questions about the place and the responses were informative and friendly. I didn’t come for the food treats, but they were great. There was even bottled water.

The reason I came to the show in the first place was the information put out by Gary Stockdale, and he and Amy Engelhardt put on a great show. They are both talented singer-songwriters and fun people to be with and hear.

The performance space is just what I like. I like small venues where we are close to the performers and get to interact with them. And, not surprising since it’s a recording studio, the sound quality was perfect.

I had a great time and it was a perfect evening for me.

Bob Abrahams

Gary Stockdale – ABRAHAM LINCOLN – March 21, 2015