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Theta Sound Studio LIVE! #12
May 23, 2015

Tracy Newman – I JUST SEE YOU – May 23, 2015

I just want to thank you for your concert series Theta Sound Studio LIVE! I recently attended what I consider one of the best and most personal performances that I’ve ever seen by two of my favorite songwriters, Art Podell and Tracy Newman. While Art and Tracy perform together and separately in Southern California often, the intimacy that your venue offers gave me a glimpse into their performances that I’d never experienced before: up close and personal, with just a smidge of sound reinforcement to support their voices and instruments. It felt like a lazy evening in Art or Tracy’s own living rooms, where they were free from giving a “performance” and just let their music and stories flow. I could hear their fingers on the strings!

What also made the night unique was the fresh and homemade food spread set out by Cyndie! What a treat. And don’t get me started on the desserts and top shelf coffee.

I always look forward to concerts at Theta Sound Studio. The friendly atmosphere, the high levels of talent, the interesting attendees, not to mention the easy parking, always make concerts at Theta Sound Studio LIVE! a pleasure to attend and enjoy. Thank you for offering this venue to fans of Los Angeles songwriters.

I hope I may perform there one day.

All the best,

Bill Berry

Art Podell – WE SANG OUR SONGS IN CALIFORNIA – May 23, 2015