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Theta Sound Studio LIVE! #14
June 20, 2015

Michele Brourman – OLD LOVE – June 20, 2015

Rupert was an eye opener for me… commanding songs, a Lowden Guitar that sounded like a church organ in his capable hands. Each time I come across an artist of his caliber I learn something new and am enriched. Thank you Randy for introducing him to me.

Michele was, as usual, a prime example of skilled and professional songwriting, the likes of which do not come along every day. Songs that sound like they were written in ten minutes, that most of today’s songwriters couldn’t accomplish in a month of hard work, roll off her tongue and settle into your brain… Being an effortless piano player helps… She’s got the whole package… Thanks again… Glad I came!

Art Podell

Rupert Wates – WAITING TO BEGIN – June 20, 2015