Theta Sound Studio

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Theta Sound Studio LIVE! #19
February 20, 2016

Michael Monagan – LOVE – February 20, 2016

Randall, Just a quick note to thank you for the truly unique experience I had last night at Theta Sound. You have created an environment, an atmosphere that showcases artists like nothing I have ever seen. Very intimate with sound quality reflecting the professionalism your fabulous studio obviously has evolved to capture and reflect brilliantly! What a treat to also provide a variety of snacks and beverage for everyone. Your process and attention to detail felt like I was attending a major event, which again, is a tribute to your lifelong appreciation of the creative process and respect for the artists you showcase. I look forward to returning.

All the best, Jesse Sherrod

Penny Nichols – ONE AND ONLY LIFE – February 20, 2016