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Theta Sound Studio LIVE! #2
July 25, 2014

Rupert Wates – PRAYER – July 25, 2014

This past Friday night, I wanted to check out the second TSS Live! and the Artists Songwriters performing this month, as I had been enthusiastically surprised by the first one in June! Well, Randy & Cyndie did it again with their consistent choice of great talents to perform at their welcoming Theta Sound Studio. Sure, these two new Artists were very different from each other and from the ones who performed in June, but that’s the point of being a true individual and original Artist!

The space and sound quality of the studio are so amazing and clear with Randy at the control behind the glass partition that it was another pleasure to the senses in that intimate setting of limited seating! The Artists, Joseph Eid and Rupert Wates, both were feeling so at ease and safe in that environment that they were totally present and giving the best of themselves singing and interacting with the audience!

During intermission, again there was a nice spread of yummy food and drinks that Cyndie had laid out. And during that time, there was easy and fun interaction with some of the audience members there, as well as with these two very nice human beings who performed that night! I even saw and talked with an old friend that I had not seen in years! So it’s like a big box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get!.. 🙂

Thank you Randy and Cyndie”

Alain St. Clair

Joseph Eid – SOMETHING REAL – July 25, 2014