Theta Sound Studio

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Theta Sound Studio LIVE! #4
September 26, 2014

Mare Wakefield and Nomad – POET ON THE MOON – September 26, 2014

Loved the evening at Theta Sound Studio. The event was well organized, from collecting donations, to seating, to getting our autographed CDs. [Our hosts] Randy and Cyndie thought of everything. No scrambling for a seat—I appreciated that! I sat in the Control Room with a few other people (lots of fun!) and most guests were seated in the studio with the performers up close and personal.

The sound quality was so fantastic, you could hear every note. The performers sounded great. Very relaxed and fun evening with lots of friends. It would be great if the airlines were actually as organized as “Theta Air…”

Michelle Krell Malone

Kelly Fitzgerald – GOD HIT ON ME – September 26, 2014