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Theta Sound Studio LIVE! #5
October 10, 2014

Zarni – MY LIGHT IN YOU – October 10, 2014

Because I’m a songwriter who plays keyboards, it’s especially thrilling to see artists at Theta Sound Studio. “TSS Live!” presented Zarni and Liz Fohl last Friday and they were both accomplished instrumentalists, singers and writers. The sound Randy gets on the vocals is so great that even though I take the artists’ CDs home, what I really wish I had is a recording of what I heard that night.

The playing and singing was so excellent, presented like a diamond on velvet without the clutter—sorry, I mean accompaniment—of other instruments. Theta Sound’s gorgeous grand piano has a mirror placed so that a piano artist can see the whole audience without turning their head.

I loved the show, just as I loved doing a show there. I never miss TSS Live! when I can possibly go!

Harriet Schock, platinum songwriter, recording artist

Liz Fohl – SWIMMING IN THE WRONG SEA – October 10, 2014